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Healthy Steps Podiatry, delivering quality podiatry services Hawkes Bay Wide

Healthy Steps Podiatry are Hawkes Bays largest podiatry company with clinics across the region offering treatment and advice for even the most problematic feet.Our team of registered podiatrist are able to deliver quality podiatry care to both young and old.

Young feet, old feet, sports feet, sore feet – whatever your foot complaint may be, we can help you!

Foot Care For Kids


Make sure your children step in to life with healthy feet!

We treat a large number of children, ranging from toddlers to teens.

Those of us who are parents understand how important it is to get the right treatment for our children’s feet at an early stage. Whether you feel there may be a specific problem that needs attention, or you are just seeking some friendly advice regarding your child’s developmental milestones, contact us today at Healthy Steps Podiatry for help and advice.

Foot Care For Seniors


We are also experienced in dealing with feet at the other end of the scale.

The average human walks over a thousand miles each year.

If a human lived to be 72 years old, that would be an average of over 72,000 miles walked in a lifetime. That’s a lot of miles! Your feet have carried you around for many years; let Healthy Steps Podiatry help them to carry you for many more!

Foot Care At Work


Are your feet killing you after a hard day’s work?

Some people are on their feet all day at work, and by the end of the day they feel it.

Our podiatrists at Healthy Steps are experienced in the area of occupational podiatry and we offer an on-site foot clinic at the work place, where we work with you and other staff members to get the best out of your feet during your working day, without damaging them.


Sports Podiatry


The team at Healthy Steps Podiatry are all actively involved in sporting activities, and know how important it is for sportsmen to have healthy feet and how devastating sporting injuries can be.

Because of this we approach our sporting patients with understanding and empathy, and we work alongside them to draw up a treatment and rehabilitation plan that will get them back onto the sport field as soon as possible!

Mobile Foot Care

At Healthy Steps Podiatry, we offer a broad range of services, like our on-site retirement village and work place foot clinics. We also work closely with pharmacists, GPs, nurses, and physiotherapists, treating a wide variety of foot complaints, from fungal infections, blistering, sports injuries and foot pain, to arthritis and problems associated with diabetes. We also offer expert treatment and advice for common foot conditions such as bunions, hammer toes, foot gout and heel pain.

Healthy Steps Podiatry has successfully grown over the last 7 years, and we now provide podiatry services throughout the Auckland region. Contact us today to find out where your closest podiatry clinic is located, or you can simply type your area in the search bar to find the most convenient location for you.

Don’t let sore and unhealthy feet spoil your walk of life. Call Healthy Steps today and put your sole in our heeling hands!